Our Mission

The Women’s Initiative of United Hatzalah unites women all over the world under our shared goal of saving lives in Israel by raising funds to support the training and equipment of female medics. Our aim is to bring together women of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds who serve the health needs of the entire nation. We are a community of highly engaged women who are dedicated to supporting the life-saving work of our volunteers in Israel.

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Support a Female Volunteer

Donate an Epipen set


An EpiPen is an auto injector pen that’s filled with adrenaline. It can immediately stops an anaphylactic shock (severe allergic allergy). Each set contains two pens: one for a child and one for an adult.

€ / ₪ / £ / C$

Save One Life


Help save a life and you have helped save an entire world!

€ / ₪ / £ / C$

Donate a complete medic kit


This complete kit, including an Emergency Defibrillator, will accompany and enable our United Hatzalah volunteers in their rescue missions.

€ / ₪ / £ / C$

Sponsor a new female medic


Provide her the equipment, supplies and training she needs to save lives. It’s a great investment. Help save a life and you have helped save an entire world!

€ / ₪ / £ / C$

To co-create a meaningful sponsorship opportunity or to sponsor a medic course contact Danielle David

Send a Message to the Female Volunteers

“Thank you to all of the United Hatzalah volunteers!”

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“Each volunteer is a walking inspiration.”

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Messages to Female Volunteers


Angels in orange

Each of you. Thank you!

Amazing work

Thanks for all you do