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Ten Kavod
Ten Kavod
           The Twilight of Heroes

The Ten Kavod program is simple in concept. It addresses the special medical needs of the lone and at-risk elderly with particular focus on Holocaust Survivors. The program looks at the past, present and future needs of the individual.

Past: It looks at their pertinent medical history including medications and vital signs. The medics learn these details and are able to advise the individual, caregiver or family member of what developments they need to be concerned with.

Present: Medics will come to the individual’s home to monitor blood pressure, sugar levels and medication compliance on a regular basis. Volunteer medics will visit the home of the individual 4 times a month. A comprehensive reporting and tracking system will ensure that a smooth continuance of care will be achieved. What perhaps is most important is that our hero will not feel alone and can be assured that he or she is cared for. A pleasant well-visit can often do more for a person’s wellbeing than a tray full of medications.

Future: Once medics are aware on an ongoing basis of the needs and status of the individual, should an emergency call come in, the medic will be able to make a more informed treatment assessment. In addition, if the individual is equipped with an emergency alert device (panic button) the United Hatzalah medic can be on the initial alert team to check in and see what the problem is and what type of additional medical resources may be necessary.




The goal of United Hatzalah is to have a trained and fully equipped volunteer within 90 seconds of every Israeli, thus increasing the number of lives saved. In order to accomplish this United Hatzalah needs to grow its volunteer corps to 3000, supply each volunteer with a defibrillator, and expand its ambucycle fleet to 500.
The on scene arrival of an ambulance in Israel can be up to 10 minutes (20 minutes in rural areas), compared to anywhere between 6-8 minutes in large US cities. Without a conventional and centralized "911" system in Israel, United Hatzalah is the national first responder network. By arriving on scene in less than 3 minutes, United Hatzalah volunteers fill the time gap between the emergency and the arrival of an ambulance.
When seconds count, immediate treatment is often the difference between life and death. With every minute that defibrillation is delayed in instances of cardiac arrest due to heart attack, electrocution, drowning, choking, trauma and illegal drugs, survival rates decrease approximately 7% to 10%.
Source: American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care
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